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Community Management

Fortunately, unlike the U.K, Spain has a relatively unique benefit. The residents are responsible for the upkeep of their own communities. This is a legal requirement. This is fantastic yes!!  But the problem is how it is run. Administrators can only assist in the administration, they cannot and do not assist in the management.

Now in theory, residents in the community, who are contributing money to the community have a vested interest in how well the community is run.

In practice, the community is run by a president or committee. These people are usually in full time employment or run their own businesses or are simply just too busy to be able to check standards and organize planned and preventative maintenance.

community management

Nobody should underestimate the hard work given to communities by their presidents & committee's there are many unpaid hours telephone calls and administration.

There is good news. All connections property services can take away all this burden leaving the presidents, committee's and residents to simply make the decisions to constantly improve their community while we work closely with these people to ensure their requests and ideas  are brought to life.

All the planned and preventative maintenance will be managed by our company. We will liaise with all the relevant companies, ensuring the planned works are carried out on time and that the company's have the infrastructure to deal with emergency call outs. We will look to have contingency plans in place for emergencies. We will set up a cleaning contract and draw up a specification to ensure that the community is getting the highest possible standards that their budgets allow. This, in its own right, will allow some proactive management within the community and help to have an on-site presence for issues.

"Sounds ideal, for someone to take responsibility for all this but surely its going to be expensive"
You will be pleasantly surprised, probably not much more, if any more than you are paying right now.
"How do you do that"
The idea is simple, the practice is not. How a community is managed is down to two principals.
The first is value for money, evaluating contracts is a tricky business, you are trying to get the best value for money without having an effect on service, but as we have experienced some of these communities have not evaluated their contracts in years.

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